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Dr. Ang Chen's Lab                  

Research Interests

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Dielectric/Ferroelectric property (I)

 - Dielectric Relaxor Behavior

 - Ferroelectric Relaxor Behavior

 - Quantum Paraelectric Behavior

Dielectric/Ferroelectric property (II)

 - Ferroelectric/Dielectric Property at normal conditions 

 - Ferroelectric/Dielectric Property at cryogenic temperatures 
 - Ferroelectric/Dielectric Property under strong dc electric-field

Electrical-Transport Property of Oxides/Polymers

- Variable Range Hopping Mechanism and “Metal –             Insulator” Phase Transition

- Superconducting Behavior

- Semiconducting Behavior, PTC behavior

Photoelectric and Photonic Properties

 - Optoelectronic and Photonic Properties


Materials Science and Electronic Devices

Traditional Ferro/piezoelectric: Lead-free oxides
- BaTiO3 
- (Bi,Na)TiO3
- Cd2Nb2O7

Traditional Ferro/piezoelectric: Lead-containing oxides
       - PZT, and doped PZT
       - PZN, PMN
       - PZN-PT, PMN-PT

Ferroelectric Polymers
- Copolymers
- Terpolymers

Composite Materials: Dielectric/Piezoelectric/Conducting Property 
      - Dielectric/Piezoelectric/Conducting Property of Composites

Nano-structured Materials
- High energy storage oxide/polymer composite materials
- High dielectric constant oxide/polymer composite materials
- Opto-electronic/electro-optic materials 
- Photonic materials

Optoelectronic ferroelectric oxides
- Opto-electronic/electro-optic ferroelectric oxides - PLZT

Quantum Paraelectric and their derivatives
- SrTiO3
- KTaO3
- CaTiO3
- (Ln,Na)TiO3

(Semi/Super) Conducting Materials
- La:SrTiO3
- La-BaTiO3
- YBa2Cu3O7
- Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O

Dielectric Materials
      - Microwave ceramics
      - Low Permittivity Materials

Theory and Modeling 

Phenomenal Theory

 - Landau – Ginzburg – Devonshire Phenomenal Theory          

Microscopic Theory

 - Ising Transverse Field Model   

Simulation and Modeling

 - Finite Element Method for Composite Materials

 - Molecular Dynamic Simulation



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