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Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann

Condensed Matter Theory

E-Mail: jutta (at) uakron.edu

Phone: (330) 972 8029

Fax: (330) 972 6918


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  • Diplom Physik - Technische Universität Clausthal, 1988
    • parastatistics  
  • Ph.D. in Physics -University of Maryland at College Park, 1994
    • thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids in the critical region  
  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 1994-1996
    • phase transitions with complex order parameters, high-Tc  superconductivity 
  • Research Associate - Department of Chemistry, Dartmouth College, 1996-1998
    • thermodynamic and structural properties of molecular and polymeric fluids 
  • Faculty - Department of Physics, University of Akron, 1998 to present,
    joint appointment with the Department of Chemistry since 2000


Research interests: 
  • Properties of organic photovoltaics
  • Motor proteins: interaction site models in three dimensions Movie 
  • Monte Carlo, Density-of-States, and Molecular Dynamics simulations
    • Polymer chains near surfaces and under tension.
    • Conformations and dynamics of single chains in vacuum.
    • Static and dynamic properties of polymer melts and blends   Visualizations 
  • Combination of small-scale simulations with coarse-grained theories.
    • Soret effect in mixtures of complex fluids
    • Local friction in polymer melts and blends

Research Group Spring 2018  from left: Archie Williams III, Claudio Garcia, Samuel Thomas, Matthew Murrow, Maxx Swoger, Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann, Andrew Audley  
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Group members and research projects: 
  • Andrew Audley, Honors project: Molecular Organization of Vapor Deposited Layers
  • Nathaniel Hawk, Research project: FDTD simulations of light propagation in complex media
  • Samuel Thomas, Honors project: Computational and experimental study of the sound of simultaneous notes on a piano
  • Archie Williams III, Honors project: Computational study of formation and accretion of ice on surfaces
  • Matthew Murrow, MS project: Building a three-dimensional model of kinesin stepping on a microtubule
  • Maxx Swoger, MS project: The effect of microtubule deformation on the efficiency of motor protein walkers
Recent Alumni 
  • Claudio Garcia, MS thesis: Investigation of single molecule and monolayer properties with Monte Carlo simulations of a coarse-grained model for a sexithiophene
  • Mansour Alanazi, MS thesis: Coarse-grained model for a motor protein on a microtubule
  • Amani Almutairi, MS thesis: Investigation of sexithiophene properties with Monte Carlo Simulations of a coarse-grained model
  • Weylon Luo (formerly Pyie-Phyo Aung), MS thesis: Monte Carlo Simulations of Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors
  • Nabina Paudyal, MS thesis: Brownian Dynamics Simulations of a Five-Site Model for a Motor Protein on a Bead-Spring Substrate
  • Maral Adeli Koudehi, MS thesis: Coarse-grained model for motor proteins interacting with single-chain molecules.
  • Dr. Kiran Khanal, Dissertation: Liquid-crystalline ordering in semiflexible polymer melts and blends: A Monte Carlo simulation study

Selected Recent Publications:

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann and K. Binder. Transitions of tethered chain molecules under tension. J. Chem. Phys. 141, 114911 (2014)   pdf

    Mark P. Taylor, Kerem Isik, and Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann. Dynamics of a single polymer chain: Ergodicity and conformation of a rotating chain. Phys. Rev. E 78, 051805 (2008)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann, F. Rampf, W. Paul, and K. Binder. Transitions of tethered polymer chains. J. Chem. Phys. 128, 064903 (2008)   pdf

    P. Polyakov, J. Luettmer-Strathmann, and S. Wiegand. Study of the thermal diffusion behavior of alkane/benzene mixtures by Thermal Diffusion Forced Rayleigh Scattering experiments and lattice model calculations. J. Phys. Chem. B 110 26215 (2006)   pdf

    H. Ning, R. Kita, H. Kriegs, J. Luettmer-Strathmann, and S. Wiegand. Thermal diffusion behavior of nonionic surfactants in water. J. Phys. Chem. B 110 10746 (2006)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann and M. Mantina. Local and chain dynamics in miscible polymer blends: A Monte Carlo simulation study. J. Chem. Phys. 124 174907 (2006)   pdf

    R. Kita, S. Wiegand, and J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Sign change of the Soret coefficient of poly(ethylene oxide) in water/ethanol mixtures observed by thermal diffusion forced Rayleigh scattering. J. Chem. Phys. 121, 3874 (2004)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Lattice model for thermodiffusion in polymer solutions. Int. J. Thermophys. 22 1507 (2005)   pdf

    B. J. de Gans, R. Kita, S. Wiegand, and J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Unusual thermal diffusion in polymer solutions. Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 245501 (2003)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Two-chamber lattice model for thermodiffusion in polymer solutions. J. Chem. Phys. 119, 2892-2902 (2003)   pdf

    Jutta Luettmer-Strathmann. Thermodiffusion in the Critical Region. in Thermal Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Fluid Mixtures, W. Koehler and S. Wiegand  editors,  Lecture Notes in Physics 584, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, (2002)   pdf 

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Segmental Mobility of Polyolefin Melts, Int. J. Thermophys. 22, 1507 (2001)   pdf

    M. P. Taylor, J. Luettmer-Strathmann, and J. E. G. Lipson Structure and Phase Behavior of Square Well Dimer Fluids. J. Chem. Phys. 114, 5654 (2001)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Effect of small-scale architecture on polymer mobility. J. Chem. Phys. 112, 5473 (2000)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann. Group Theoretical Methods Applied to Condensed Matter Problems, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Quantum Theory and Symmetries   (Goslar, July 18-22, 1999) edited by H.-D. Doebner, V. K. Dobrev, J.-D. Hennig, and W. Luecke, World Scientific (2000)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann and J. E. G. Lipson. Miscibility of polyolefin blends from a Born-Green-Yvon lattice model in conjunction with small scale simulations. Phys. Rev. E 59, 2039 (1999)   pdf

    J. Luettmer-Strathmann and J. E. G. Lipson. Miscibility of polyolefin blends. Macromolecules 32, 1093 (1999).  pdf


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